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Privacy Policy

The publishers of accredited online colleges are held responsible to care for the privacy of the users of their site. Obviously, accredited online colleges are not giving focus on keeping any of the individually recognizable information regarding the users who visit the site.

It is spot on that at times accredited online colleges provide the users a form to fill and it invites the users to provide personal information such as name, address, contact information etc. The form is used generally to help the users to receive some useful details and information from colleges or universities endorsed on accredited online colleges.

Accredited online colleges will not provide personal information to any outsider other than the colleges or universities that the user is aiming to contact. Accredited online colleges used to provide personal information to any other entity if the law asks to share.

Accredited online colleges provide personal information to the colleges or universities that the user is aiming to contact but accredited online colleges is not held responsible for the colleges or universities misuse personal information. AOC cannot give any guarantee regarding schools or universities behavior. The users can contact to such schools at their own risk.